Improve Your English with David F. James


with David F. James

You will be AMAZED at how easily you will IMPROVE your English!

First, read "SPEAK ENGLISH WITH CONFIDENCE!" - a short ebook crammed with tips and suggestions for making fast progress with your fluency and vocabulary.

Then follow the video course to use the techniques described in the ebook to learn the following advanced words:

  • obsolete
  • sporadic
  • ludicrous
  • tantamount
  • skeptical

With the help of illustrations and sentence examples, you will see how the word is naturally used.

This is followed by a review so you get chance to exercise your new vocabulary.

The brain thinks in pictures. Using a combination of pictures with sentence examples in natural English, and then repeating these examples over and over is EASY and VERY EFFECTIVE!

Try it NOW and see for yourself.

You will be AMAZED at how quickly you can build a POWERFUL English vocabulary!

What's Included?

8 Videos
8 Texts
3 PDFs
8 Audios


5 advanced words

50 sentence examples

308 unique words

25 pictures

David F. James
David F. James
English Tutor

About The Instructor

David F. James, B.Ed. Cum Laude

Hello, I’m David James, a native English speaker born and raised in Britain.

I have been involved with teaching all my life. In recent years I have studied advanced methods for teaching English to speakers of other languages.

I have an Advanced Certificate in T.E.S.O.L. from the Canadian Institute of English to teach advanced learning.

Additionally, I have a Bachelor of Education Degree specializing in teaching English to speakers of other languages.

I achieved a Band 9 in IELTS. I took this exam to gain a better understanding of how to help students who are preparing for IELTS.

My personal library reflects a lifelong interest in the English language with numerous books on vocabulary, word structure, and etymology.

You will find the tools on this site invaluable in helping you achieve fluency in English and in building a powerful vocabulary that will enhance your career, as well as your social and business life!

Partner with me and I guarantee you will soon be speaking English with REAL CONFIDENCE!

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